Swiss Internship Program – Learning about Federalism in a unique immersion experience

Reinold Herber from the Forum (left), next to him Sandra Maissen, Secretary-General of the Conference of Cantonal Governments and behind her Prof. Eva Maria Belser from the Institute on Federalism in Fribourg with participants of the Internship and their liaison-partners at the Cantonal governments that participate in the program.

The 2nd Internship Program for 2011 has started.

The program runs from 12 September until 21 October 2011 is designed to bring together international participants to work in different Swiss cantonal administrations. This experience aims to provide participants with practical experiences in the study of federalism and decentralization. The program brings interns into cantonal administrations where they are given a firsthand opportunity to broaden their understanding and deepen their knowledge of federal governance. By immerging students into the practical conduct of a federal system it is hoped that this will enhance their understanding of how a federal state works and exemplify its positive aspects as well as its limitations.

Six successful participants from the Institute of Federalism’s International Summer University were selected to participate at the 2nd Internship Program. The participants come from diverse backgrounds including Sri Lanka, Rumania, Russia, Hungary and Ethiopia and will now work in six different cantonal administrations.

The program started with an introduction on the how Swiss administration works (on Monday 12 September) and a welcome of the participants in the House of Cantons on Tuesday 13 September. The participants started their internship the following day in this truly unique international academic environment.

The internship is a co-operation between the Forum of Federations (FoF), Conference of Cantonal Governments (KdK) and the Institute of Federalism (IFF). It is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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