Training on Federalism in cooperation with Euro Burma Office/Nationalities Brotherhood Federation

Members of the Federalism training workshop held in Yangon (Burma).

This two and a half day intensive workshop was organized on February 13-15, 2014 in Yangon (Burma) by the Forum in collaboration with Euro Burma Office (EBO) and Nationalities Brotherhood Federation (NBF) Euro Burma Office.

EBO was established in Brussels in 1997 to promote the development of democracy in Burma; NBF is an umbrella organization of different ethnic parties in Burma with the objective of coordinating their policies.

Over 40 party leaders representing the different groups in NBF attended the workshops. The international experts trainers were Dr Sandeep Shastri (Jain University, Banaglore), Dr Francis Loh (Penang University, Malaysia), Dr Mario Kolling (Gimenez Abad Foundation, Spain) and Felix Knuepling (Head of Programs, Forum of Federations).

The focus of the discussions in all the sessions were in most cases from the perspective of the ethnic minorities, which is not surprising taken the nature of the audience. The workshop was part of the Forum’s effort to reach out to the ethnic groups in Burma.

The training was part of the Forum’s capacity building program "Enabling Burma’s Move Towards Democracy”, funded by the Government of Canada (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development).

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