Vietnamese delegation visits Forum

(L-R) Dr. Le Minh Hong (Director, Scientific Research Centre, Mr. Troung Quoc Hung (Deputy Director – Department for General Affairs), Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Thao, President of the Institute for Legislative Studies), Mr. Rupak Chattopadhyay (President and CEO of Forum of Federations), Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang (Official of the Institute for Legislative Studies) and Senior Diplomatic Advisor (Forum of Federations).

The President of the Institute for Legislative Studies of the National Assembly Standing Committee of the S.R. Vietnam, Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Thao and his delegation met on the 22nd of April the President and CEO of the Forum of Federations, Mr Rupak Chattopadhyay, in Ottawa during a study visit to Canada to facilitate the adoption of a wide-range series of laws after adoption of the new Vietnamese Constitution in 2013 by the National Assembly.

Main topics discussed with the Forum were the structuring of local governments, the regulation of local autonomy, the functioning of decentralization and the relationship between central and local governments and among local governments in federal states as well as the organization of local governments in urban areas. Another major issue of interest was the question of differentiating national regional and local tax revenues and expenditures as well as the system of fiscal federalism and equalization.

Both Presidents agreed that there was tremendous opportunities for collaboration given the broad comparative expertise offered by the Forum.

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