Workshop on Healthcare and Federalism

Experts joined in on the Workshop via Video Conferencing.

On March 20, 2012, the Forum of Federations, in partnership with the Harvard School of Public Health, held an authors’ workshop to develop the guidelines for the Forum’s comparative project on healthcare in federal systems. Meeting in person were the project lead experts Greg Marchildon (Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Economic History, University of Regina) and Thomas Bossert (Director, International Health Systems Program, Harvard School of Public Health), and country chapter authors Ogoh Alubo (Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Jos, Nigeria), Björn Uhlmann (Institute of Political and International Studies, University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Stefan Gress (Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany) and Miguel González Block (Executive Director, Health Systems Research Centre, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico). These experts were joined via video-conference by chapter authors Sandra García Armesto (Senior Researcher, Aragon Institute of Health Science, Spain), Laetitia Rispel (Dean, School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa) and Marta Arretche (Professor, Political Science Department, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil). The author for the country chapter on India, Geeta Sethi, was regrettably unable to participate in this workshop.
Country chapter authors delivered presentations on healthcare arrangements in their respective countries, describing the constitutional, fiscal and political context in which these issues have played out. The exchanges revealed important differences in how countries manage healthcare responsibilities, as well as common challenges such as rising costs and the pressures of aging populations.

The overall objective of the Forum’s program is to generate a comparative analysis of the management of healthcare in federal systems, the synthesis of which will support practitioners in their management of this sector. A publication on the matter is forthcoming and will serve as an educational tool to inform and assist policy and decision makers.

Agenda from the Workshop

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