Workshop Sessions at the World Movement for Democracy

The Forum of Federations contributed three workshop discussion sessions to the Second Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy (WMD), organized by the National Endowment for Democracy. The Assembly took place in São Paulo, Brazil from 12 15 November 2000. It was attended by over 400 representatives of civil society, including NGOs, political parties, human rights groups, media monitoring services, and trade unions. Three Brazilian experts led the discussion during the Forum’s workshop on "Improving Governance Through Federalism: Decentralization, Devolution, and Other Approaches”. In the session on "Ethnic Conflict Management: Federalism and Alternative Models for the Regulation of Conflict”, experts from Nigeria and Fiji led a provocative discussion with participants from more than 10 countries. The Forum’s session on "The Role of Ombudsmen in Securing Transitional Justice” featured presentations from the first South Korean Ombudsman and a prominent Russian human rights activist.

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