Gender Based Programs


Statement/Philosophy Policy:

The equal participation of women in governance is fundamental to establishing peaceful and pluralistic societies. The Forum of Federations works to support the full and effective role of women within multilevel systems of government.


Multilevel systems of government provide unique access points for women to participate in political life, and thereby influence and shape governance, decision making and accountability processes.
Taking a gender perspective on governance improves outcomes for all stakeholders, while decentralization brings government closer to the people and allows citizens to more easily scrutinise decision-making which has an effect on them.
For women in particular, decentralization provides opportunities to assess and shape critical local public services in domains that impact most on their lives, and greater access to the political spheres in which these services and their resources are defined.


The Forum of Federations implements programs across the globe which all support the equal participation of women and the development of gender-inclusive societies.

The Forum accomplishes this by applying a gender lens to programs from their inception, and integrating gender components throughout to ensure that all activities are underpinned by principles of gender equality. The Forum works with both men and women to help change behaviour and support equal gender participation in governance and civil society.

Forum Projects
Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in the Middle East and North Africa Region (Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia)

Some Events
Forum holds gender promotion workshop-Mena
Forum hosts gender equality workshop for stakeholders in Myanmar
Training session on Gender Equality and Power-Sharing in Yemen
Expert discussion on the gender dimension of the upcoming Tunisian electoral code
Forum Workshop on Gender and Political Participation in Libya
Regional Workshop for Elected Women Mayors in Mexico
Equality, Women’s Leadership and Decentralization

Decentralization and Gender Equity
Gender-inclusive in the Middle East and North Africa.