Revenue Sharing and Decentralization

Various federal countries differ a great deal in their choices as to the character of fiscal federalism i.e. various tiers and their responsibilities and the associated fiscal arrangements. This diversity of experiences offers a tremendous opportunity for these countries to learn from each other‘s experiences in strengthening responsive and accountable governance and even to be inspired from innovative practices. In this context, the program on revenue sharing and decentralization serves as a critical element in advancing learning both from successes and failures in other federal countries. It has a specific focus on the issue of subnational tax-autonomy and addresses both developed as well as developing federations. This program benefits from the Forum’s previous work on subnational tax autonomy, led by Francois Vaillancourt and Violeta Ruiz Almendral, which covers established as well as developing federations. A publication on “Subnational Tax Autonomy in OECD Federations” will be published by McGill Queens University Press in 2012.

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