The De/Centralisation Dataset (DcD) is a product of the three-year research project Why Centralisation and Decentralisation in Federations? A Comparative Analysis.

Water is arguably the most valuable resource on our planet and successfully governing life-sustaining rivers is a challenging goal. aims to be the premier authority to provide expertise and comparative analysis for multi-level governments looking to improve and enhance their governance systems of water management.

“50 Shades of Federalism is a project established in October 2017 at Canterbury Christ Church University to help inform debate about many issues related to the topic of ‘federalism’. Articles, written by some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field, will be published on a weekly basis.

Having identified five main themes – Case Studies, Conflict Resolution, Diversity Management, Policies and Theory – the central aim of this project is to provide succinct, easy accessible, high quality research articles free of charge. The research articles will feature discussions on a number of abstract and historical issues, as well as illuminate some of the contemporary dynamics in debates on federalism. Given that the study of federalism straddles a variety of disciplines, we seek to pursue a multidisciplinary approach with contributions from politician scientists, theorists and constitutional lawyers, some of whom are leading scholars in the field.

Despite being based in the UK, the articles featured will be penned by scholars from all over the world to ensure that a diversity of perspectives and case studies are considered and that the multifaceted nature of federalism studies is presented.”