What We Do


The Forum of Federations runs training and knowledge sharing programs to address governance challenges in existing and emerging federations, as well as in devolved and decentralized countries.
The Forum helps to:

  • find common ground among diverse ethnic groups

  • improve resource and tax sharing arrangements

  • enhance public service delivery

  • develop strategies to improve intergovernmental cooperation

The Forum has an unparalleled global network of experts which can be rapidly tapped to provide expert counsel and support for countries tackling governance issues.

We work globally – in the Americas, in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia-Pacific. Our headquarters are in Ottawa, Canada, and we have field offices in Kathmandu, Nepal and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Currently the Forum runs programs in over 20 countries.


Our Programs

Policy and Research Programs:are aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange on topical public policy questions and on issues related to the management and reforms of federal systems. They are also aimed at building a comparative body of knowledge on contemporary, usually structural, themes of federal governance.

Development Assistance Programs: are aimed at strengthening democratic governance among practitioners and experts in emerging federations. We help practitioners to learn and provide them with relevant tools to apply federal principles and practices. The Forum tailors these tools to make them useful and relevant to specific internal governance challenges. The countries that can benefit most of Forum’s development assistance programs are new and emerging federal and devolved countries.

International Conferences on Federalism:Every three years, the Forum and a federal host country organize a major international conference to bring together hundreds practitioners of federalism, academics and NGOs from dozens of countries to interact and learn from one another.


Our Programs which are completed

Addressing Internal Market Barriers and Integration../../en/what/internal_markets.php

Finance and Governance of Capital Cities in Federal Systems

Global Dialogue on Federalism Program

Indigenous and Land Claim Issues

Oil and Gas in Federal Systems

Water Management in Federal and Federal-type Systems



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